Competition and the ASK…by Val Neighbors

November 19, 2014


By Val Neighbors, CDP, CPSC




Why do we all get so caught up in what everyone else is doing?  Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean they’re doing it the right way.  Have you heard your internal staff or your sales people refer to the reason the business isn't coming is because you have too much competition?  Did you get in the business and now find yourself telling yourself you have too much competition?  While it’s true there are plenty of people out there doing what you do, they are not you!  If that many people are providing private duty home care, it’s because there is a need.  Every state across the country has and continues to have large numbers of aging adults who will invariably need some level of assistance with the aging process.  So we’re going to talk about a few things that will help us get out of the competition mindset.




First, acknowledge that competition is good because it means opportunity.  Just think how boring it would be if you were the only game in town.  Now I know a few of you are thinking, “darn I’d give anything to be the only game in town.”  The reality is that you couldn't possibly handle all of the business and the demand probably wouldn't be as great.




Second, if you’re going in and saying ”hi” to the referral sources just like the majority of your competition, BUT ask for the referrals on a consistent and on going basis, then you inevitably go from having 600 competitors to about 5.  It’s funny how many people have “marketing” people who drop off brochures yet never ask for the business.  If they do ask and are rejected, they decide not to go back and ask again in most cases.




The reason most people don’t ask for the sale is as follows:


Fear of rejection – we as humans absolutely fear being rejected by anyone but especially strangers.  This is a mindset that will require continued practice and self-confidence.

Not enough influence – the sales person hasn’t created enough influence and even if they don’t realize it at a conscious level, they’re subconscious is completely aware.

Price vs Value – the sales person doesn’t understand the value of what they’re selling and feel the price is too high.



The best advice I can give is to start telling everyone exactly what you do and ask the question, “Who do you know that might benefit from my services?


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