The Power of for Home Care Marketing

I've been preaching the value of for years. In the home care market there are only two social media accounts that have the distinct possibility of bringing in more business.


1. Facebook - Community Outreach.


2. - Professional to Professional networking.


If your "social media guru" who lives down the street tells you anything different....ask him or her how many home care companies they have serviced and how many of them have a direct lead or referral from any social media account. A real lead. A REAL lead.


Enter the crickets......


Understanding the home care market and the needs of the adult child of the aging parent is complicated at best. There is no quick decision about home care, unless it's forced, and then you have a family in distress.


Choosing a home care agency is never going to be as simple as calling a plumber or a locksmith, or even a lawyer.


These are emotional decisions, huge financial decisions, and often overwhelming decisions for families.


Therefore, don't worry so much about the Twitters and Pinterests and any other crazy crap that the Yellow Pages is trying to sell you.


Focus on 2 accounts for now. Add more later.


1. Facebook for community outreach.


2. for professional networking.


Spend a little time in the evening connecting with other professionals in your community on LinkedIn. Ask them out for coffee, or lunch. Network online, then turn it in to an offline meeting. Simple. Less hassle.


Join local chamber groups, health care groups, and meetup groups on - network with the professional in those groups - even though many may not be in the health care business! (They still may have aging parents!)


You where a lot of hats. Keep this one simple for now. You can always expand later.


And that's the real scoop.


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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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