The Painful Battle that Wins the War = Content.

The "Way Back Then"


Our company started out in 2008 as one that could put home care agencies on the first page of Google in 48 hours. And we did, and it worked. Until everyone else caught on, and Google got smarter, and better. (Back then it was a "normal" practice)




Today in a competitive market like home care, if anyone tells you they can put you on the first page of Google in less than a like crazy. The only way to do that is to "game" the system, and it's a very temporary result. The real result is a Google penalty that can kill your chances of EVER seeing the first page or the 5th page. Don't do it!


Reality Bites


The real way to see lasting results is a slow laborious process, but it works every time. The real way is through content. Not just any content, but engaging content. (Which makes the process even more painful for the busy business owner!)


Doing things the right way means that seeing your website on the first page of Google (if it's brand new) will take 3-6 months depending on the competitiveness of your local marketplace. Consistent effort pays off, your site wins the war for a long time.


You Did What???


I'm often amazed by how much resistance there is to providing great engaging content on websites. Even large nationwide home care franchisors (and you know who you are, I shall not name names) have been hoodwinked into contracts with website vendors that support their brand on a national level, but leave out the most important reason they are in the business to begin with - the local business/franchise owner on main street. Creating websites with no blog function and no RSS feed is losing proposition from the word go. It's never ok, no matter how big the website is. Strangling the ability of a franchise owner to provide their own content is like telling someone not to worry about marketing locally- the national TV spots will take care of that for you. (UGHHHH!)


Formula for Success


If you do not have the time to write articles each week that are good for your audience, engaging, and share-worthy, then farm it out.


Content writing services are available in droves.


The catch is finding a home care content service that really knows your market, doesn't put trashy articles or poorly written content on your site, search engine optimizes the articles for your local area, and more.


Questions to Ask Your Home Care Content Service Provider and Yourself:


Look for a writer or service that really knows your market. How do they know your market? Got samples? Life experience? Worked in the market?

Does the service post the content to your website for you, or just email it to you?

If the service posts the articles on your blog for you, are they search engine optimized for your local cities and towns? Are they too generic?

Are all of the writers native English speakers and living in the U.S. or Canada?

Do they understand the U.S. health care system (home health care vs non-medical home care etc)

Ask for a sample- does it sound like your client isn't smarter than a 5th grader? Problem!!!

When your articles are posted, do they go out to FB, TW, LI, and to your e-newsletter? They should, and if the answer is no, the service should set this up for you. (9/10 will not).

Whether you hire a writer or a service to provide your content, make sure you ask these seven questions. When you grow tired of searching. Call LTCEP. 888-404-1513. It's the basis of our entire business, and only in the home care market.


Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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