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HCSMS Certification Program

HCSMS is proud to be partnered with 
The High Performance Sales Academy 
for the Certification Program


HCSMS certification is your guide to career enhancement and greater knowledge of the home care industry. Certification is the formal recognition of specialized knowledge, skills and experience in Home Care Sales & Marketing.  HCSMS credentials are earned through a program of examinations, education and experience and maintained through continuous review and education.


HCSMS certification will help you

  • Demonstrate your advanced knowledge in HC Sales & Marketing

  • Gain instant professional credibility

  • Increase your earning potential

  • Advance your career


Requirements for Certification




The Home Care Sales Representative candidate must complete the following to be considered for certification

Attend and complete the High Performance Sales Academy 

  • In good standing in the Home Care industry

  • One letter of recommendation

  • Complete the Certification form

  • Pass a certification test with a score of 80% or better


Once all the requirements are met, the Home Care Sales Representative will have all the honor and rights bestowed on them as Home Care Sales & Marketing Certified for a period of one year.  At the end of the year, they will need to renew their credentials.  


Fee for certification: $199


Requirements for Renewal of Certification




Continuing education is part of the renewal of certification requirements and is required for Home Care Sales Representatives.


Participation period


The continuing education participation period usually means the 12 months immediately before the renewal application deadline during which a certified Home Care Sales Representative must fulfill the continuing education requirements for renewal.


Number of contact hours required


During a typical continuing education participation period (12 months), a Home Care Sales Representative must participate in 12 contact hours of continuing education.


Activities that may meet continuing education requirements


Continuing education requirements may be fulfilled in one of three ways:

  • participate in continuing education activities offered by providers of continuing education

  • participate in certain professional activities


It is the Home Care Sales Representative’s responsibility to determine if a continuing education activity or a professional activity meets the continuing education requirements. 


Audits and retaining continuing education records


The Home Care Sales Representative must keep continuing education documents for two years after using the continuing education for renewal. The Home Care Sales & Marketing Society randomly selects representatives for an audit of continuing education records. If audited, a licensee must submit proof of having met the continuing education requirements. If the licensee is unable to submit the required written information, the unverified contact hours will automatically be assigned to the next reporting period. If the representative fails to respond to an audit, the Board may consider this as grounds for disciplinary action. 


Continuing Education Offered by Providers of Continuing Education


The continuing education must:

  • Be designed to enhance your ability to be a Home Care Sales Representative

  • Last at least one contact hour (50 minutes); every additional five minutes is one­-tenth of a contact hour; an academic course can be converted to contact hours; a quarter credit is equivalent to 10 contact hours; a semester credit is equivalent to 15 contact hours

  • Be approved by the Home Care Sales &amp; Marketing Society, or the provider of the continuing education must identify the objectives of the continuing education

  • Be taught by an individual qualified to teach the subject matter of the continuing education


You must:

  • Complete the continuing education during your participation period

  • Obtain and keep the evidence of attending the continuing education for two years after reporting the continuing education


The provider of continuing education must provide in writing:

  • The objectives of the continuing education (objectives are not necessary if the continuing education has been approved by the Home Care Sales & Marketing Society)

  • The name of the instructor

  • The qualifications of the instructor

  • The number of contact hours

  • The date of the continuing education

  • A statement of attendance at the continuing education



Home Care Sales & Marketing Society


Professional activities

Acceptable activities are:

  • Publication of an article or a book on Home Care Sales or related issues

  • Delivery of a professional paper related to Home Care Sales or health care

  • Participation on a professional panel that addressed Home Care Sales or health-related issues

  • Participation in Home Care Sales or health care research.


You must:

  • Claim no more than 10 contact hours for professional activities

  • Complete the professional activity during your participation period

  • Maintain a copy of the evidence of the professional activity for two years after using the activity for renewal


Fee for recertification: $150


For more information on getting certified, please contact:

Melanie Stover at (901) 335-2374 or email your request to


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